The Savvy Homeowner

Each post in this blog series will feature tips or tricks from the “more-than-just-ordinary” homeowner, the Savvy homeowner.  The Savvy homeowner is one who’s creative…different….special.  Always thinking outside the box.  Always wanting to save money, by not hiring those crooked, expensive contractors. Savvy homeowners are frugal homeowners.  Their brilliant minds often corrupted with social media posts along with the ever-so-far-from-reality TV shows (they always make it looks so easy and fun, don’t they?) The Savvy Homeowner is full of faith – they believe in themselves, and the idea that anyone can do home repairs and improvements with a Home Depot ‘Let’s do this’ attitude, a “sleeves rolled up” look, and “anything can be done with a little elbow grease” mentality. And they always have friends or family to support their cause and help them to get those daunting, bigger home repairs and tasks completed. A high-five support network, if you will. There’s also always backup or the ultimate help: a super-handy Uncle who won’t take your money, but will happily accept payment in the form of Pabst (6, 12 , or 24 packs, depending on the job) to help shingle the roof or to wire up the hot tub.

Hire expensive professionals to do the job?  No way. Not for the Savvy Homeowner.  Not when there’s duct tape, spray foam, multiple types of caulking, and buckets of roofing tar for sale at the big box home improvement store.


They simply know how to save time and money.

They git er’ dun. Their way.  The only way.


Josh Frederick is a Home Inspector in Defiance, Ohio and frolics throughout Defiance,


The look, when in the presence of genuine savviness

Napoleon, Bryan and all of the surrounding areas in Northwest Ohio. He has extensive knowledge and training in identifying the works and practices of the Savvy Homeowner.  He sees and experiences these less-than-professional practices, amusing attempts, SMH travesties, WTH contraptions,  “Give me a break”  situations, Are you kidding me? ideas, Am I dreaming? endeavors, & failed aspirations on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis.  In fact, the Savvy Homeowner, often gets him thinking on how he maybe should have taken a different career path, like an accountant or pool cleaner. It is what it is though, and in the grand scheme of things, the Savvy Homeowner ensures that he has work and can put food on the family table.


Buying a house that you think may contain some savvy workmanship/repairs/contraptions? Contact 24-104638-jpeg-t104638ASPEC Residential Services, LLC – Northwest Ohio Home Inspections – the “savvy homeowner specialists.”




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