You’re rubbing me the wrong way!

Electrical – respect it, and it respects you. Rub it the wrong way, though, don’t expect respect back or good things to happen (just like with anything else in life.)  DIY’s, Harry Homeowners, and other wannabe “electricians” who think they know about electrical or don’t want to fork over money for professional personnel to do their electrical work, rub me the wrong way.

Take for instance these different wiring practices I’ve found on a few past home inspections.  Although there are other defects depicted, this is about the wires improperly penetrating or installed against building materials. Materials that expand and contract – in other words, they move.  The first two exterior wiring pictures show them installed against metal trim and roofing components.  Those wires are obviously going to move on windy days.  Those building components (roof drip edge, fascia coverings, etc.) are going to expand and contract with temperature changes.  The one close up picture shows clearly what happens to the wiring over time.  The last picture shows interior wiring penetrating through metal ductwork.  That metal ductwork expands and contracts every time the furnace turns on (not to mention the moving air against the wire.)









I don’t think I have to elaborate on the wonderful things that can happen when the continued rubbing eventually gets to the live wires.

In a nutshell, everyone and everything gets rubbed the wrong way when less-than- professional practices are found during the course of a home inspection, especially ones that involve safety.  Spend the money and hire professional electricians.


ASPEC Residential Services, LLC  – Northwest Ohio Home Inspections  

Since 2007 – A family-owned company saving families from buying money pits throughout Northwest Ohio. We’re on your side, the home buyer, and treat you like family.  Because we adhere to this policy at all times, the majority of our clients are past clients, their family members, close friends, or associates of theirs. We put ourselves into your shoes and look out for your best interests always.

Buying a home in Defiance, Napoleon, Bryan, or anywhere else in Northwest Ohio? Get an ASPEC Home Inspection! Our mission is to help and serve people by delivering an exceptionally thorough and educational home inspection experience each and every time! 



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