Sellers – Top Ten Ways to Speed Up your Home Inspection


Hurry up, would ya! I do have my life to get back to!

If your selling your home here are 10 suggestions to help speed up the home inspection. The inspection will go smoother for everyone involved, with fewer concerns or issues that may delay closing.

10. Confirm that water and gas service are on, with gas pilot lights all lit. Home Inspectors will test everything just as a homeowner would – turn the thermostat up to get heat, flip the switch to the gas fireplace and it fires up, operate the hot side of a faucet and hot water comes out, etc. Under certain/limited circumstances, we can perform this service with written permission and knowledge of why utility was off from the seller/owner/listing agent.  We also can perform dewinterizations for a fee.

9. Ensure all breakers are on, even if it’s something you don’t use anymore. (or put a note on the panel ledger stating why breakers are off/not in use.) Again, under certain/limited circumstances, we can perform this service with written permission and knowledge of why the breaker(s) are off from the seller/owner/listing agent.

8. Trim exterior vegetation, remove leaves, snow, etc. accordingly, to allow for visibility/accessibility.

7.Attend to easy/simple fixes like, leaky drains under the sinks, downspouts extensions missing/not long enough, gutter leaks/standing water, door knobs that aren’t latching/locking properly, windows and doors opening/closing properly, changing/replacing dirty/missing furnace filters, installing junction box covers, etc.

6. Remove/rearrange items blocking access to attics and crawl spaces, heating and cooling equipment, electrical panels, water heaters, etc. Also, make sure any locks are removed and/or made accessible. In addition, ensure that caulked/painted/finished attic accesses, electrical panel covers, etc. are easily accessible.

5. Leave rare, expensive baseball cards in the attic for me to find 😉 I’ll cancel the inspection right away and retire 🙂

4. Ensure pets won’t hinder the inspection, or better yet, me, the inspector! Ideally, they should be removed from premises or secured outside.

3. Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and replace dead batteries. Ensure they exist at all the required areas.

2. Replace light bulbs! Otherwise, it will be documented in the report that the light was inoperable/not working when tested with the switch.

1. Ensure there are fresh, warm brownies (or equivalent) on the kitchen counter with a note in plain view stating “For the inspector only.” I get groggy when my belly’s full and I might not be able to find any issues at your house while I’m in a food coma 😉

And for the other #1 😉 – disclose, disclose, disclose! Homebuyers (and inspectors especially) appreciate honesty, frankness, and forthrightness! In other words, if there’s something you know about, please don’t try and hide it or pretend you don’t know. I’m pretty good at finding things, in fact, it’s how I feed my family ;).

Attending to these items will help ensure a smoother process with less hiccups. The inspection will go faster. Your real estate agent will thank you!  The buyer(s) will thank you! I will definitely thank you! After all, we all want to keep the ball rolling and get everyone moving on with their real estate goals and dreams as soon as possible!


Visit us online @,  email us @, call us at 419-782-8924, or text us at 419-615-5076 with any questions or concerns.  We’re always here to help!

Your friends at ASPEC,

Josh & Celena Frederick


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